What is PANZYM Powder ?

PANZYM Powder (255 g & 650 g) is an established feed supplement with highly concentrated pancreatic enzymes for dogs and cats with poor absorption of nutrients from the food. Its enzymes are semi-coated in a specially developed process for the intestinal condition in dogs and cats. The protective coating aids optimal absorption.

What distinguishes PANZYM from other pancreatic enzyme supplements?

Highly Effective

PANZYM Powder 650 g & 255 g have unbeatable 24.8 million and 9.7 million BP units lipase, respectively. That equals 38,000 BP units lipase per gram of powder. PANZYM, moreover, contains 32,500 BP units amylase and 2,100 BP units protease per gram powder.  

Saves Money

PANZYM Powder can be given individually as the extent of poor absorption of nutrients differs from animal to animal and therefore the amount of given enzymes should differ from animal to animal as well.


Besides the PANZYM enzymes, only vegetarian ingredients like carrots are used. PANZYM Powder smells good and feeding PANZYM doesn’t change the smell of the dog.

Recommended by Veterinarians

Gold standard choice of veterinarians.


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I cannot rate Panzym Powder highly enough and it is better than a similar product on the market which gave her mouth ulcers due to the quantity of enzym she needs, also it does not leave a smell on her breath like the other product. 

bluechocolina25, eBay

Excellent product at unbeatable price

This product is very effective for dogs and is easily dispensed. There is no unpleasant smell with this powder and my dog certainly was not deterred from eating his food. I had complete confidence in this product...

jackieveggie03, eBay

Great product

I had become aware having gone through various pancreatic feeding supplements - powders and tablets - that the amount of the enzyme ingredients the various supplements offered vary enormously. After working out the various strengths of all the products on offer, I have found this product to be the one that provides my dog with the level of enzymes she needs. Without this product I would have struggled to keep Meg.

sybilwoodville15, eBay

This product is working wonder for my GSD. We have also tried other enzymes that work ok but have a horrible smell to them. This product does not.

normski36526, eBay

Dogs put on weight!!!!!!

After taking on a very skinny rottweiler we found it wasnt lack of food. Since using Panzym hes become a very large and healthy dog, on only two average meals a day. This truely works and i thank this supplier for keeping the costs down to an affordable option.

roadstock904, eBay

So pleased to find this product cheaper than the vets stockist.

Hope you keep sticking so I can keep buying...

vicros307, eBay

Very cost effective

Used this for over a year on my 4yo GSD & after lots of research, found Panzym the easiest to use & cheaper than most other products. Will continue to use, it does what it says on the tub !!!!

tresheba1, eBay

Easy to use - powder on food - dog eats

Arrives next day after order and the powder helps my dog digest food.

ambershelley100, eBay

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The pancreatic enzymes in PANZYM Powder are obtained from porcine pancreas. The pancreatic enzyme content in the porcine pancreatic tissue used varies according to the feed, living conditions and the age of the pigs for slaughter. As a result, the enzyme concentration in pancreatic enzyme supplements can vary from batch to batch (1,2, 3). Thus a minimum enzyme content is stated for PANZYM Powder. The enzyme concentration never falls below this minimum content. Under certain circumstances, however, this minimum content may be greatly exceeded, depending upon the batch used. Thus, not only does the required quantity vary from case to case but variations may also occur between batches (1,2,3). The enzyme concentration never falls below the stated minimum content. The feeding recommendations can thus only be considered as rough guidelines. It is therefore sensible to inform the pet owners of the above circumstances and to recommend a dose based on the individual response.

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